What is meant by being strong? Is it something that comes along with a healthy body? Or something that let you stay emotionless no matter what happens? We often categorize people stronger if they neglect to show their emotions.I always wonder how staying emotionless can make you stronger. Aren’t you just being a coward there? How can one be stronger if they are afraid to reveal what they feel and think? Being rigid to your problems will never make you stronger. It will be more like handling things you don’t like, by keeping your eyes closed. Only when you have the courage to open it and solve what bothers you, you become stronger. Nobody likes to endure pain. Some escape from it by ignoring it completely. Some may act as numb to the whole problem and only some of them will really face it. It may be true that the pain you feel will be so deep and vigorous. But it can never kill you unless you let them. The best way to be stronger is to deal with the pain. Running away from it can never solve it. There you become a loser. But facing it, may can. Always learn to deal with your pain. That will be the cause of making you stronger. That’s how you become ‘stronger’.

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