Cues of rationalism

Things like promoting kindness, increasing social connection, finding time affluence, so opening up sometimes we have free time, finding ways to control our thoughts so that we stay in the here and now, and these healthy practices of sleep and exercise that we don’t get as much as we should. And the point of putting these up there is not to say that we never want these things, but how often are we prioritizing all those other things that we started with at the expense of this stuff. And if we could switch our ratio of what we’re investing in we could be a lot happier. “We think that knowing is half the battle but it’s not.” And so what are some strategies we can use to put these habits into practice today? First of these is paying attention to the situation. Finding situations that support you , you can also think about external underrated factors effecting these things. But think about it in the context of like healthy eating or in the context of whether you want to stay off social media, or whether you want to have more social connection or not playing on your phone. The idea is that there are situational factors that we don’t realize that are affecting the extent to which we do this. The point is just the presence of the situation causes certain behaviors. Simply making these tempting bad behaviors go far away and these kind of good behaviors that we want to encourage at the forefront can change the way we interact, and can increase our good habits.

Get rid of the stuff that is tempting you. If you had the goal of getting off social media after all my negative comments about social media, you can delete it from your phone. You can put your phone away when you’re trying to work.All those things you can do to increase this stuff. If you want to change around the bad environment of a place like this where you’re not getting enough sleep and you’re not exercising and so on, you can shape your environment to have less of those cues about grades that you’re worried about or less of those cues about workaholism or affluence. All that stuff. Right. You can shape your environment to have less of the bad cues that are causing you to value the wrong stuff.

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