There will not be IPL in the empty stadium:

Emirates Cricket Board said- If the approval from the government, the league will be in the presence of 50% of the audience

The IPL is going to be held in UAE from 19 September this year. Earlier, there were reports that the competition would be held in an empty stadium. But Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) has said that if they get the approval from the government, then IPL matches will take place in the presence of 30-50% viewers.

ECB Secretary Mubashir Usmani told the news agency over phone that once we get the official information about the approval of the Government of India from the BCCI, then we take the proposal and the BCCI’s standard operating procedure (SOP) prepared with the help of the BCCI. Will go Here, the IPL Governing Council will meet on Sunday. The logistics related arrangements and SOP will be finalized in this.

We will make our people experience IPL: ECB,He said that we would definitely like the people of the UAE to experience the world’s largest cricket league, but it would be entirely the government’s decision. In most tournaments here, the number of spectators varies from 30 to 50 per cent, we are hoping to bring this same number of spectators in IPL as well.

‘6 thousand active corona patients in UAE’,Usmani further said that for this we have full expectation from our government. There are currently more than 6 thousand active corona patients in the UAE and the epidemic has been controlled to a great extent here. However, the 2020 Dubai Rugby Sevens tournament, to be held in November, had to be canceled for the first time since 1970 due to Corona.

UAE government overcomes Corona to a great extent,He said about the concern about the safety of the IPL that the UAE government has been successful to a large extent in reducing the number of infected. Here people are leading a normal life by following certain rules and protocols. Usmani said that there is still some time in the IPL, I am sure the situation will get better by then.
There is no problem in training IPL teams here: ECB,The ECB Secretary said that we are fully prepared to host the IPL.

Only the approval of the Government of India is awaited. We have plug and play facility. We have already told the officials of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Stadium and they have started their preparations. Therefore, the teams will not have any problem in training.
IPL will help UAE’s economy,When Usmani was asked how difficult it would be to manage the training of 8 teams. To this he said that we have private infrastructure. We are able to do such events easily. We have done such events earlier also. Last year itself, we made the table of 14 teams T-20 World Cup qualifiers.

In 2014 also we have held the IPL opening matches in UAE. Our economy also benefited from this. This time the whole league is happening here, so our economy will get a boost from it.
Here, the Sports Ministry has approved the proposal of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to get the IPL to UAE. However, BCCI is still waiting for approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs and External Affairs to make an official announcement.

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