Crisis on jobs in the Corona period.

By P.Bhoomika

Millions of people around the world have lost their jobs amid during the current covid-19.

The condition of industries in the country is suffering due to the Corona virus epidemic.Almost all of India’s business activities are at a standstill.

Because of this there has been a crisis on the jobs of millions of peoples.At the same time ,there are a fear of cuts in staff and non-appraisal staff.

According to a recent survey, currently one in every 5 Indian’s has a fear of losing their jobs.

20% fear of losing jobs in indian.

According to survey conducted by Interenet-Based Market Research and data analytics firm youGov, Corona virus can have a Profound impact on economy.

Due to the current situation, there is fear of losing jobs in most people.20% of Indians are afraid of losing the jobs.

The urban unemployment rate has increased to 30.9% overall the unemployment rate has rinse by 23.4% more than before.

According to survey, most of the companies are expected to lose more than 10% of their earings during the current quarter and the previous quarter and this could cause their profit to fall by more than 5% in both quarters.

This means that 19.5crore full-time jobs could end in the quarter alone due to the Corona virus.

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