Shoumik, the trending Library man on twitter

Vaishali Singh

After sharing a tweet containing the library image, a man started getting proposals. Twitter user @Shoumik_ shared images of a room stacked with books, saying: “For those who didn’t know……I live in a library.” And the picture got viral.

While one of the images showed a study desk surrounded by shelves similar to the ones in a library, the other showed a cosy corner with a rocking chair. In another tweet, the user also disclosed that this is just 75 per cent of his total collection which is around 8000 books.

Since being shared online, the post has created quite a buzz on social media with many requesting if they could become Shoumik’s roommate. One user even offered her hand for marriage. Soon after he posted this tweet, book lovers went gaga over the man’s vast collection of books. At the time of writing this story, the tweet had over 8k likes and was flooded with comments. Several netizens expressed their amazement, while many others envied his collection. Some users even said they wanted to be the man’s roomie. That’s not all. The man even received marriage proposals because of his collection of books.