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Article name:A Study of University Students’ Motivation and Its Relationship
with Their Academic Performance.

Student motivation is the element that leads students’ attitude towards learning process.God-gifted talents, best teachers and best schooling facilitate the academic performance and students’ motivation
is prerequisite for students’ accomplishment. This study attempts to identify the influence of students’
motivation on their academic performance.So come on research enthusiasts let’s look into the why,how and what of student motivation through this review!

Purpose and sample

This outstanding Research article by Ali and colleagues has been published in the International Journal of Business and Management.This study attempts to identify the influence of students’ motivation on their academic performance.The sample consisted of 342 university students of different programs in various universities of Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan.The students were asked about how motivated they are about their university experience and what really motivated them to study.


The questionnaire was distributed among both male and female students. There were 82% male and 18% female students in the survey with an average age of 20 years.“The University Student Motivation and Satisfaction Questionnaire version 2″ (TUSMSQ2) instrument was developed by Neill (2004) to measure student’s motivation. TUSMSQ2 instrument contains 30-items.


The questions measure both Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation of students. There were two intrinsic motivators; Self-exploration and Altruism and four extrinsic motivators;rejection of Alternative options, career and qualifications, Social enjoyment, and Social pressure in the questionnaire. The questions were based on five point Likert scale. For each item, students rated themselves on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 being “Very False”, towards, 5 being “Very True”


Motivation is state of mind that stimulates activities and human body actions.Student motivation is often separated into two types: Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation: A student is intrinsically motivated when he or she is motivated from within. Intrinsically motivated students keenly engage themselves in learning out of oddity, interest, or enjoyment, or in order to achieve their own scholarly and personal goals.Thus students with intrinsic motivation are more enthusiastic, self driven, challenging and feel pleasure in their studies.Intrinsically motivated students tend to prefer challenging tasks.

Extrinsic motivation: It is commonly viewed that extrinsically motivated student engages in learning
purely for attaining a reward or for avoiding some punishment.Extrinsic motivation means
to obtain some reward or avoid some punishment external to the activity itself such as grades, stickers or teacher approval.Students with extrinsic motivation try to drag themselves with academic assignments, feel compelled to learn, and always put minimal efforts to achieve maximum appreciations.


The results indicate that academic performance amplifies between the ranges of 23 percent and 34 percent due to extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation.Also the comparisons of variables on
individual bases indicates that those students who adapt self-exploratory variable and altruism variable, rejection of alternative options variable tend to perform better, whereas student who adapt career and qualifications variable, social enjoyment variable and social pressure variable tend to perform less then expected.Also the study found positive and mutually causal relationship between student’s motivation and student’s academic performance. This relationship is reciprocal, meaning students who are more motivated perform better and student who perform better become more motivated.


Any research article would be a waste without implications.This study helps in identifying the factors that will help educational thinkers to know students’ attitudes towards learning, what facilitates learning and what hinders in learning.Thus it will lead to better teaching methods and facilities to suit the student’s need thereby increasing their job competence.

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