The Murder on the Links: Book Review

Agatha Christie a.k.a queen of mystery is the best selling author of as many as 80 novels and short story collections. Her work have been widely appreciated and adapted into various films and television series, translated into 45 languages.

‘ The Murder on the Links ‘ is her second book in Hercule Poirot series set across a small town of Merlinville in France, where detective Hercule Poirot has been summoned urgently by a wealthy man, monsieur Paul Renauld, claiming his life is in danger. After receiving the letter, Poirot with the assistance of his friend Captain Arthur Hastings immediately leaves for Merlinville only to be welcomed with the news of Mr. Renauld’s murder. He had been stabbed to death and his body flung in freshly dug grave on the golf course adjoining the property. Meanwhile victim’s wife, madame Eloise Renauld, found bound and gagged in her room. Upon questioning she reports that masked men broke into her villa in the dead of the night, tied her up and took her husband away.

After few hours of investigation Poirot finds his attention being caught by few things viz a piece of lead piping near the body, dead man wearing his son’s overcoat with a passionate love letter in its pocket and victim’s immediate neighbor, madame Daubreuil, to whose bank account M. Paul Renauld has transferred over 200,000 francs in recent weeks. There is no lack of suspects but Poirot had its own doubts and before he could answer any of these, case turns upside-down when another corpse is found, stabbed with the same weapon in the same way.

Agatha Christie has never failed to impress her reader with her ingenuity. One may never had seen such dexterity in writing, with the lines clear and concise yet witty at times, but what was most amazing was the sheer brilliance of the plot, and the working of Poirot’s mind, along with the dramatic denouement.

And of course, having the story in first person from someone who isn’t the brightest one around yet has his own side adventures was another plus.

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