Best skin care routine for oily skin

If you are one of the people who are blessed with oily skin then this article is right for you,dealing with oily skin is not easy. This is the skin type which is blessed to attract acne.The main reason for acne is the active oil producing glads, which keep on producing natural oil more than its needed by the skin, which results in clogging the pores.

So whats the solution,oily skin requires intensive care,a proper skin care routine for day as well night.Now the question arises what could be the ideal skin care routine,from where to start. Don”t worry this article is all about it.


The very first step not just for oily skin but for all skin type is cleansing,choose a face wash which is not to harsh on face but at the same time it cleans away all the dirt on your face.Do this step as a part of your morning as well as night routine.If one is dealing with acne make sure you keep a separate towel for cleaning your face.(My recommendation of face wash for oily skin is Himalaya neem oil face wash, Biotique neem face wash).


Toners are essential for oily skin type to keep the pores closed and prevent them from producing more oil and further helping the skin from clogging.The ideal toner should be which do not contain any alcohol and is fast absorbing and suitable for oily skin.(My recommendation is plam green tea alcohol free toner).


Most of the people believes that oily skin do not require moisturizers but that’s completely false,oily skin do require moisturizers but selecting one could be tricky too.Choose a moisturizer that is oil free,non greasy and non comodogenic which means it should not clog your pores.(My recommendation is Mamaearth oil free, apple cider moisturizer, Neutrogena oil free moisturizer).


Watch out before you go out in sun,do apply sunscreen which at least have spf 50,moving out without sunscreen can damage your skin.Choose a sunscreen which do not feel greasy, is lightweight and easily absorbs in the skin.(try VLCC sunscreen)


Clay masks are like boon for oily skin it absorbs excessive oil and cleans the pores, also helps in further prevention of excessive oils.Try to apply clay masks twice a week for better results.

Follow the above mention steps daily as a part of your skin routine and you will start seeing the difference right away,do not forget to follow these steps before applying your makeup will start feeling the results right away. Have a happy and healthy skin.

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