Talented and Vibrant India!

As it is known that India and the knowledge that the youth of India has is unbeatable in the countries all over the world.India has always tried to produce such gems for the world which helps them in many different ways.It is not hidden from anyone that the top notch companies of foreign major CEOs are Indians.Companies in them are Adobe,MasterCard,IBM,Microsoft,Google and many other are there.In India most value is giving to the knowledge seeking power and in coming years we will be having more great CEOs,Entrepreneurs and many other departments will be at different level.

As India celebrated its 74th Independence Day,in London other world record was going to be written by the young and determined prodigy of Hyderabad Neelakanth Bhanu,20 years.He is pursuing his career in Mathematics(Hons) from St.Stephen College,New Delhi.He won the gold medal in one of the most prestigious competition around the world i.e Mind Sports Olympiad(MSO) in London.Now,he holds the record of one of the most fastest human calculator in the world.He himself said while talking to media,”I hold 4 world records and 50 limca awards for being the Fastest Calculator in the world”.

As he in total beat 29 competitors,aged upto 57 years from 13 different countries.He was the first Indian to bag this prestigious award.The MSO site claims that it has 60 different board game competition ranging from classics like chess,scrabble and many other unique events including over dozens of world championships. Judges in the event were fascinated by his performance said to him that perform some more calculations to prove his accuracy and it is said that he that with ease.

His vision is to remove the phobia of maths from the students and basically for the students who are underprivileged and are situated mainly in rural areas.He has kept this vision as there are no specific programes for Mathematics to increase the accuracy of the students.To complete his vision he has already started an startup Exploring Infinities which is a math education partner of T-SAT the education channel of the Telangana government.Just in he wants venture capitalist so that they can explore the whole start-up across India.

So, India is a great nation with such young talents which are having such great skillset.It is said that Bhanu has already beat Shakuntala Devi who was also known as the mental calculator or the human computer.It is not for the first time that such awards were bagged by Indian.It has happened many times and not only in particular field but in many other respective fields examples are Prithvi Shaw (Cricket),Nidhi Mayurika(won the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest),Arshdeep Singh(won Junior Asian Wildlife Photographer) and many other youngsters too.We are the faith and hope of the nation.“Bharat Badal Raha Hai,Aiyye Aur Iss Badalte Bharat ka Hissa Baniye.”

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