Book review:Pralay: The Great deluge

The second book in the Harappa Series , Pralay opens up with a flashback of what happened in the first book. This made the whole reading process a lot simple for no one would have the time to read the first book all over again and then pick the second one.


The plot of this book is similar like the first part. The story takes place in various dimensions and as the pages keep turning we travel to different dimensions throughout the book. The plot is a mix of mythology and fiction and equal weightage is given to both the genres. With the introduction of new characters the plot got interesting and gripping.
However , with too much going on I completely lost interest in the middle and had to keep the book down. It was hard to keep a track and I had to go back to the previous pages and then continue reading.
As compared to the previous book , the end again left me baffled waiting for the next book.


The writing is more technical and gripping this time as compared to the previous book. The writer has kept the pace fast this time with the action scenes more vivid and lively which kept me hooked.

Final Verdict 

With new character developments , more action scenes and mythology blended with thriller , you can definitely pick this one up without a second thought.

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