“Freedom of speech doesn’t protect what you like, but it protects what you don’t like”. This famous quote throws all powerful light on the contemporary world and has the phases it going through. Every other thing that now needs attention can be well reached upon by just a single tweet. Social media not only empowers and backs up such attention, but considering the speech of its becoming viral, it is also not a surprise that everything can be made reachable to every individual’s doormat.

Indeed, the citizens of every country enjoy freedom of speech, but to what extent and to what boundaries thru can exercise the same depends on the bylaws of the country governing them. For example, a quote from one dictator goes like this: “I can guarantee you the freedom of speech, but not the freedom after that”…..Such anti-liberal remarks make the people act under the mentioned intellectual and linguistic territories, nothwithstanding the various terms forbidden.

Coping with this tech-savvy generation, where the statistically higher percentage of your youth I’d absorbed in gadgets and such tools, various political and spiritual leaders besides celebrities etc. Convey their messages and announcements via the social media. But one must always bear in mind that social media is a double edged sword. To the major superlative degree, all are entertained to express what they feel, what they think and also express their opinions online. Owing to the current affairs, freedom of speech has been mistaken and it is widely misused. Today the entire nation of on a rigid scale, is lamenting over the loss it had had to suffer and grieving on how detrimental it has proved to it.

Although it is fully agreed that the message or the news travels faster than light and sound on the social media, some objectionable remarks on sensitive posts make the online users shudder in shame. Freedom speech gives you a platform to express what is on your mind: but one must keep in mind that care should be taken in order not to hurt the sentiments and feelings if people socially or indiscreetly.

Technology has been a boon and a bane. If it is used for the right purposes to make the world a better place to live in, then it is high time people got alarmed and contributed their good but I’m preventing the preaching and propagating hatred. In today’s world, selection of words has become as important as choosing people. One must always be content in their conscience that freedom of speech under the pretext of social leverage cannot be posed as an excuse for the grave consequences, or for that matter, simple consequences.

The increasing crime rate under the head ‘cyber crime’ is steadily growing in number. Influencing people using your freedom of speech can be planted on the same ground as damaging your name. Once you get a large number of fabric following, you must keep in mind that you are becoming mouth for every slice of bread and your responsibility to speak, influence and carry yourself in a socially accepted manner must never be forgotten.

But today freedom of speech has been mistaken for carelessly and mercilessly making comments. Insulting, causing a wide range of hatred among people in the national as well as international level.

Isn’t it high time to throw light upon some issues that really concern the global institutions than to just blindly be happy stalking your favourite ‘celebrity’ online? Evey platform has been built on a strong foundation, thanks to liberal attitude of our nation and the government. Should we act responsible and concentrate on this, the daily episodes of ‘crime petrol’ would be done away with and dusted. Freedom of speech let’s you grow. It is an irony that our intellectual bankruptcy is embraced albeit in the grab of growth.

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