Products that States export to Foreign Countries.

Years and years have passed and every year India’s export is having a good amount of products being deliver to foreign countries.In the whole world there are such products which is been delivered in large quantities such as turmeric,Dal’s,Spices and many other which are having high value in demand.

At present there are various states that deliver different products to different countries.If we talk about Maharashtra,it delivers best cut and polished diamond to 77 different countries which is the single state which generates highest foreign currency valued around $23 Billion.It also exports antacid tablet to around 198 countries around the globe.After Maharashtra it is Gujarat who generates almost around $10.4 Billion through export of high speed diesel.

The NITI Aayog gave the ranking of all the states in their report in which Gujarat topped the list for the export.After that coastal states have topped the list.Out of 8 coastal states 6 have made to the list of top 10, Maharashtra being so close with Gujarat on Second position.States like Tamil Nadu which are famous exports of cotton T-shirts,exporting motor cars,dumpers and babies garments.Karnataka exports high speed diesel,aviation turbine fuel.Kerala exports gold jewellery,cashew karnel and mineral oils.

The agri and marine exports are driven by states like Punjab,Uttar Pradesh,Haryana and Andhra Pradesh.Punjab exports basmati rices where as Uttar Pradesh exports boneless meat.While Haryana is famous for its exports of turbo jets engines,auto parts,garments.Andhra Pradesh exports exports high quality of shrimps and prawns.Among other states Rajasthan’s wooden furniture reach to almost 111 countries around the globe,Telangana exports antacid tablet of around $850 million to 168 countries amid of crude granite,boneless meat.Minerals owned state like Chattisgarh and Jharkhand export aluminium ingots and manganese as well as they export steel products.Odisha also being mineral owned state it also exports aluminium ingots,ferro-chromium carbon,iron ore pellets.

Himalayan regions like Uttarakhand exports coins and lifeboats,where as Himachal Pradesh exports anatcid,antibiotic and hypertension medicines.Tripura also exports dried fish and onion.Union territories like Delhi exports turbo jet engines to Basmati rice and garments,while Goa and Pondicherry are famous for exports of medicine.

So every state and union territories contributes in some or the other way to the foreign reserves to the government Maharashtra being the top contributor to the reserves followed by Gujarat.It is really great to look out the things that India gives to the world which are of high importance.In future this will be increasing in a large number and India will have a huge amount of foreign reserve.

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