Pandemic Management:A New Course in the MBBS list.

In recent times everyone know what is the situation all around the world.Every country has been suffered with the pandemic of Covid-19.It created a distressed environment and everywhere around there is fear that “if we get infected by this than what will happen”.This time has been not normal in anyways it has just brought brutality to some families and their members by losing their important ones.It is also seemed that at times there were no beds in the hospital to treat the patients due to that many patients have lost their lives.

As moving further and coming out of this pandemic slowly and steadily there are different areas for the government to look out on how this tough situation can be controlled to its minimum damage.So,for this in India the education board has set up Pandemic Management as a subject for medical students that they are going to study in coming time.As Medical Council of India said to media that”this subject has been added by considering the current pandemic and if any such pandemic occurs in future”.

Pandemic Management module will be extending from Foundation course to the final year undergraduate programme which will help the student to become Indian Medical Graduate who can serve humanity as a doctor,leader and healer for general public in tough times like the covid pandemic.The document containing details of the module to be adopted by the colleges as the team of experts and academic cell of MCI.The MCI has revised regulations on graduate medical education and competency based undergraduate curricula,accompanied by detailed guidance for its implementation.

The competency-based undergraduate curriculum was designed to enable Indian medical graduate to be prepared to meet new challenges-to be able to recognise,diagnose,investigate and treat newly emerging diseases.The module covers history of outbreaks,epidemics and pandemics,sample collection,microbial diagnosis,serologic tests and their performance parameters,vaccination strategies including vaccine develop & implementation.

So this will help every country to move on with such pandemics to make their country self sufficient so that they can be successful for handling more and more such crisis easily & efficiently.It is necessary to build such departments so that there will be less dependency on other countries.

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