Ways to Deal with Hunger During Weight Loss Journey

Image Retrieved from healthline.com

During our weight loss journey, when we workout, we tend to feel hunger pangs and how we deal with those will decide how well our journey will be and how we will be able to continue our work-outs. There are many people who are in the category of feeling unabated hunger right after workout and many studies prove that it happens because of improper diet schedule and lack of nutrition in our diet. Not drinking enough fluids also leads to dehydration which depletes our glycogen stores.

We should not ignore our hunger pangs and need to substitute our regular food habits with healthier food habits. As unmindful and unhealthy snacking or food habits will destroy all the hard work we have done earlier. The food we eat after exercise or hard work should contain proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats which can be incorporated in our diet by including, fresh fruits, seeds, nuts and fat-free milk.

Some other food options we can include in our diet are: Multigrain toast, scrambled egg and toast, mashed sweet potato and sprouts bowl, yogurt and peanut butter. We should pre-prepare our meal which we want to munch on after work out as pre-preparation can save us from overeating due to hunger and manages our mindful eating as well.

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