Is Technology Limiting Creativity?

Creativity, what exactly does it mean? It’s something which happens when people get motivated by certain things and make effective use of it. One does not have to get motivated only by his/her ideals or any kind of super heroes. They can get motivated and inspired by their surroundings, by friends, families or any other things. There is no limitation on creativity, it can flow easily.

Now the question arises, whether technology limits creativity? It can be considered as a common question among the people. Most people point that technology affects and limits creativity. Technology is introduced by people themselves and it also completely depends upon them how effectively they can make use of it. When technology itself is formed by the creativity of the person, how can it limit creativity? At present, people have started misusing their own creation because of which it can limit creativity and thinking of the person.

Earlier only s few people knew about technology and most of the work used to be done manually. But now the situation is completely different, as technology went on advancing, it created many useful machines yo help people know their workplace do as to save time. It has also made advancement in terms of communication from Pager to mobile Phones, laptop: from B&W T.V. to LED T.V. etc,. Technology is still advancing and launching new products to fascinate people are something that I’d impossible without creativity. But here we have one great disadvantage. Though these new technologies seem fascinating, it had resulted in many people becoming lazy.

Nowadays people totally rely upon advancing technology. They don’t want to come up with their own creation. Mobile phones are one of the greatest invention with advanced facilities like WhatsAppp, Facebook, etc,. Even money transaction can be done through these phones. One can get news from all over the world by simply browsing. Because of the these facilities people are completely engrossed in their mobile phones and neglect other work. Overusr of these technologies is not good for people. It can make people stressed, can affect their eyesight and also lead to lack of concentration in their work.

Technologies have also created various types of video games, mobile games etc,. which attract the interest of small kids. This makes the kids so involved in these games that they lose interest in their studies. They also lost interest in playing games physically. So it is very important to keep a control on the usage of these technological inventions.

Although technology helps ease the work of people, one should not completely rely upon it. They should also try to come up with their own creations and try to make use of those creations effectively. One should not forget that each and every one is gifted with certain talents and they should identify it. Technology itself is a creativity of some person: it can never limit creativity of any other person. It all depends on people, how they look at technology: a motivation or just a helping hand.

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