From the beginning of the year, the situation around the world is grave. The rise of the newly formed virus had made everyone to stay caution about every little thing. The behavior of population across the globe had changed in an instant. Major industries and firms had faced hard hit from this crisis and suffers a huge loss of turnover and profits. One such sector which is neglected completely altogether from the starting of lock down is travel and tourism. From the commencement of the pandemic had made many people to travel and reach their hometown safely, but lately this industry got completely shut, following a loss in transportation sector as well.

America’s travel industry is among the hardest hit. The U.S. travel associations projects a loss of 4.6 million jobs through May, a figure likely to increase. U.S. weekly jobless claims doubling in a week and by far the biggest spike in half a century. Tourism decline is a driving reason for job losses in states including Nevada, where Las Vegas casinos and jumbo hotels have gone dark.

To improve this situation and employment, the hotel chain has launched their project ‘We Care’ in South Asia which will focus on enhanced technology, sanitation and security efforts to fight the virus spread. “Social distancing will continue and hotels will have to gear up for the day to day operations. With corporate groups, for instance, it is expected that they will split it up into smaller regional events with 3-4 events spread out as opposed to larger events earlier. Self drive car rental company Zoom car has been focused on working with essential service providers in this time and predicts city-based travel to take off sooner. “There will certainly be a bias towards in-city trips compared to outstation ones. Also, we see a stronger focus on shorter term subscriptions. We expect 90% to be in-city rentals and 10% outstation during the post COVID time,” highlights Greg Moran, co-founder & CEO, Zoom car.

Recovery will happen, albeit at its own pace. And with travel taking its own course in a post lock down world, wanderlust will just have to take the road less traveled.