Mental health,an serious issue

“We all have our demons, that doesn’t mean you’ll stop fighting
to it”
Mental illness is a really serious issue at the same time being the
most unpredictable as well as unnoticeable. we can never predict
just by looking at the person what he/she is going through.
Mental illness are basically chronic distruption in neural circuits of
the brain. The distrupted neural circuit affect the functioning of
brain in the ways of how a person thinks, feels, acts, behave etc.
The distrupted neural circuit eventually dramatically effect the
person’s mood and make them hallucinate or believe the things
that actually doesn’t exists or make sense.
It can be caused either by biological factors or environmental
factors such as genetic, drug,alcohol,stress or lack of sleep.
The society we’re living in, most of the people tend to avoid the
problem of mental illness, or hesitate to share these kinds of
issues, but remember if you’re not speaking it you’re storing it and
that’s get heavy.
It’s extremely hard for the society to understand you unless you
speak to them.
There is no cure for this but the recovery is definitely possible.
Just by doing self care & little things you can keep your brain
healthy ,calm & avoid the mental illness
1-stay socially active, the more you communicate the more you
get comfortable with people around you.

2.practice mindfulness on daily basis

3.spend more time with loved ones

4.have balanced diet

5.have proper 8hr sleep

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