One’s choice in colours reflects their personality as well as their lifestyle. People’s thoughts and emotions can be easily influenced by the colours that surround them. The colour of their room, their clothes and stones they wear to communicate much about them. Colours have much power in today’s world, they can soothe or irritate one’s eyes, a combination of them can create illusions or paintings and they can also be used along with medical therapy to help cure certain ailments, this is called chronotherapy. Specific colours are complementary to all others while some only look good with a few, just like us humans. Let’s talk about different people and their favourite colours-


Only a small amount of people consider red their most loved colour. Similarly, this colour can be properly pulled off only by very less number of people. They love getting an adrenaline high but taking risks and going on adventures. They are the most powerful and loving among their friends and family just like the colour red which represents adventure and passion. Their love towards this colour is enhanced because their favourite fast-food chains, McDonald’s and KFC, also have their logos in this colour. Red also symbolises life and people with red as their favourite colour are known for being full of life. 


Yellow is a colour which instantly brings happiness to one’s mind. Dependable and friendly, people belonging to Taurus become the centre of attention wherever they go. They are light-hearted and humorous, therefore, fun to be around. Their presence alone can cheer up their friends and family even in the worst of times. The thought of this colour brings pure joy to one’s heart. Yellow stands for positivity and intellect.


People who love green are generally the most outgoing and versatile. A good hike or camping in the forest, connecting with nature, is their way to release stress. From their clothes to their soul, everything is green. Green is the colour of growth, good luck and health. It is deeply associated with the concept of safety. Some people love to feel safe and secure and, thus, the colour with which they connect the most is green, the colour of nature. 


People who love pink tend to be passionate about everything they do. Romanticising every moment of their life and falling in love with every second person they talk to keeps their life exciting q gives them the motivation to get out of bed every day. Their personality screams pink. Like the colour pink, they are affectionate, friendly and youthful. They are a bunch of day-dreamers who are emotional and moody, thus, the colour pink is perfect for them. 


Most of the people with white as the colour they love are generous, passionate and responsible. They do everything the best they can with all their heart. They are calm and peaceful and always know what to say when someone is stressed. They also often act as negotiators as well. All of these traits match the colour white. White is the colour of innocence, peace, purity, elegance and simplicity. It is a colour which never goes out of style. 

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