The Change Challenge-After the New Normal – August 2020

We all are experiencing a sudden pandemic on global scale. We all on the new phase of ‘new normal’. There are certain restrictions but still many business organizations are focusing on the ‘back to office’ thing.

It is very needed that the leaders should focus that the working environment should be as safe as possible. The different steps taken by the government like installing of scree, re-arranging of desks in cubical forms and many other, so that there is no direct contact with each other and the work force at least returns.

But the question always remains what will happen next? Still the business needs to look at past the ‘new normal’ and the next challenges that they will be facing.

About the old normal or pre-COVID era

Before six months also, we did not know that business and its working condition will suddenly change dramatically. The workplace will suddenly change from ‘office’ to ‘home’. This environment is very daunting as we never experienced such condition before.

A lot of changes leaders and business entrepreneurs had to undergo.  Remote working and flexible hours came into their concern. Though employees are working from home for full time but still are missing the office space and social attachments.

When we emerge from this phase of life, we will prove that our organization  are very much more adaptable by us than working from home for full time. But working from home is leading to an increase in loyalty, this fact cannot denied.

The future state of ‘New Normal’

Many changes have already taken place, but still there more certain changes yet to come. This process is not going to be a short-run process but a long term process. The pain and strain gained from this global pandemic, both physical and mental, are bound to leave scars on the work force.

Mental health issues are becoming very common now-a-days in this COVID-19 era. Many are not able to express or confession it.  This COVID-19 will; have an significant issue on our population.

We still need to take care and prepare for the COVID-19 health risks and issues. Until we take steps, this COVID-19 will stay in our community. We cannot take risk of the health and wellbeing of the employees. Prevention is better than cure and it is better to be safe than sorry, Right!

It is considering that the 2021 or the post-COVID-19 era will be relaxing and break the stress of 2020, the era of COVID-19.

Change is the permanent and a challenging issue, every time. It can be managed in a possible manner for a longer period of time. We all have deal with this impact of global pandemic for months or the next years to come. So let us plan from the very beginning of the day one that how should we will deal with this situation.  It is the utmost requirement to deal with this dramatic changes regarding this pandemic.

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