What should you send a VC before your meeting?

Do you have a VC meeting knocking at your door? Are you getting confused what to send before your meeting? Is sweat dripping from your forehead and butterflies flying in your stomach?

No worries, then this article is surely for you. If this is your first meeting. Then you must be having certain concerns. Let us talk about your fears and what are the things that you must keep in mind or what should you send a VC before your meeting.

Okay, enough with the preamble, let us dive into the main topic. Have a happy reading ahead.

You are really afraid of killing the excitement before your meet-up

You must be afraid of providing or sending your deck because you are in a thought that sending this deck before meet-up, can actually kill the excitement of your investors. Another thing that can happen is when you are going to present this, you know that your investors fully know about your business and may not be interested to listen to you.

You might fear that this particular deck is of no use and cannot impress them.

You are afraid of showing your business without proper NDA

You could be scared of sending your deck to a venture capital and if you are not getting any commitment like non-disclosure agreement, it might be a cause of your fear.  The thinking that your own business ideas might get stolen, can be very disturbing for you.

What you should send before your meet-up

You should not send a deck but instead of that deck, you can send a teaser or an overview of your deck. It should not be long as long teasers are often proved to be boring and it must not reveal all secrets of your business and ideas related to it.

You can think this in the angle of movie trailer. Trailers of movies always keep the audiences excited for the movie, just like that your teaser of deck will keep your investor excited about your business ideas.  It can help you to retain excitement for your deck.

Do not get scared to reveal some exciting features of your business but remember that your teaser should be like a marketing teaser. If this gets leaked you should not be feeling bad because you are not paying for this.

Do not get afraid of your teaser, because your teaser is only going share your thoughts and ideas regarding your business but it is not going to share the way you have done it. Right!

Let us take an example. Think this way, imagine that you have a chocolate making factory and your customers just love your chocolates. So you want to expand your factory by opening more factories in several places. So what you need? You need investors for that and obviously money also.

You can do one thing, you make a dozens of chocolates and send it to investors who would like to be your partner. After they finished tasting your chocolates, they said they just loved it and it is awesome. Their business deal with your chocolate factory is final.

So you see in this context, you just shared your made chocolates with your investors but you did not share the secret recipe or the process how you made it. Right! Now you can understand from this example that your chocolate factory is your teaser deck and you are not going to reveal your process of making the teaser or the so called ‘secret recipe’.

So now you know what you should send to a VC before your meet-up. Then what are you all waiting for! Go and prepare a killer teaser deck and surprise your investors with your business ideas.

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