The 90’s Cartoon

To each one of us, our childhood holds a jar of memories. Savouring over our favourite delicacies, playing for hours under the sun with friends, sharing tiffins at school & are some of the common memories that each one of us holds. But something common to all of us is the animated series of the late ’90s or early ’20s. I bet they are still a part of you, embedded deep in your heart, probably forgotten. 

 From being a couch potato watching cartoons all day long to binging Netflix on weekends we all grew up. So let’s turn the clock back as we go down the lane to revisit childhood, with these top 12 cartoons hand-picked just for you :

1] Tom & Jerry: This American animated series was created in 1940. It is named after its two main characters; a blue-grey cat named Tom who gets into comedic fights or chases the brown homed mouse called Jerry. Each episode shows the two characters which they often get hurt ridiculously. 

 2] Flinstones: This show is set in the pre-historic times in the town of Bedrock. Living beings of the past, dinosaurs, and other long-extinct animals co-exist with cavemen, saber-toothed cats, and woolly mammoths. Also, these characters use Stone Age technologies, & their lives resemble the lives of 20th century urban America.

3] Richie Rich: A rich kid named Richie who used to deal with threats to the Rich family, more specifically Richie. Some segments for humor with Dollar and Cadbury. Also, his friends fighting master criminals, aliens, and other threats to the world.

 4] Baby Looney Toons: Baby versions of Looney tunes characters Bugs, Daffy, Lola, Taz, Sylvester, Tweety, Petunia & Melissa living with granny.

5] Popeye The Sailorman: Guess the intro song’s still embedded in our head. As everyone has heard of Popeye, the sailor who eats spinach and gets stronger. There exists a love triangle among Popeye, Olive, and Bluto. And Bluto’s endless schemes to claim Olive at Popeye’s expense. Popeye holds his near-saintly perseverance in overcoming any obstacle to please Olive, who often renounces Popeye for Bluto.

6] Scooby Doo: Scooby and gang use their intelligence other detective instincts to uncover mysteries that appear to be supernatural initially but later reveal having a person behind all these things thus lending a logic to the situations.

7] The Powerpuff Girls: Probably the first and one of the only TV shows of the time that begun teaching us about feminism. Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom were cute little girls who were fierce warriors.

8] The Jungle Book: Movies like ‘The Jungle Book’ & ‘Lion King’ are an extension of this series. Based on the Rudyard Kipling book, here you see how a boy called Mogli grows up in a jungle fighting through the hardships. Despite not being an animal, he grows up with a pack of wolves while doing ridiculous things with Baloo and training with Bagheera.

9] Dragon tales: It is impossible to forget this sentence, those bunch of dragons called always managed to make us smile. Emmy & Max find a magical place called Dragonland where they are transported using magical crystals where they face challenges with dragon Ord, Cassie, Zak, Wheezie & Quetzal.

10] Pokemon: As Ash Ketchum turns 10, he desires to start his journey as a Pokemon trainer with the dream of being a Pokemon master in the long run. But having overslept, he rushes to Professor Oak to realize that the only Pokemon left for him to have is a Pikachu, an electric pokemon. Finally, Ash & Pikachu, embark on their journey together while befriending two travel mates Misty & Brock. Along the journey, they make a lot many both human and pokemon friends. 

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