Bloodiest day in Myanmar as 38 killed in protests

In Myanmar, it was the most violent day yesterday in the ongoing protest against the military government. United Nations Special Envoy Christine Schraner Burgener said in New York that since the coup happened in Myanmar on 1st of February, it was the bloodiest day as 38 people died in a single day.

She said, in conversation with the Myanmar Deputy Military Chief Soe Win, she warned him that the military was likely to face strong measures from some countries for the coup. In response, he told that they were used to sanctions and have survived.

In Yangon, at least eight people were killed. Seven of them were killed in the northern part of the city when security forces opened fire last evening.

In Mayowa in Central Myanmar, the local media reported that six people were killed in the firing. Other deaths happened in Mandalay, Northern town of Hpakant and the central town of Myingyan among others. While the ASEAN countries could not issue a unanimous statement calling for the restoration of democracy and return of the civilian government led by Aung San Suu Kyi, it called for restraint in Myanmar.

The US State Department spokesperson said that the US is appalled by the increase in violence. The European Union (EU) said that shooting unarmed civilians and medical workers was a breach of international law.

There are reports of continuing protests from several towns across Myanmar including Naypyitaw and Mandalay.

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