India crosses 2 crore mark in administering COVID-19 vaccine doses

The cumulative number of COVID19 vaccine doses administered in the country has crossed 2.06 crore. Health Ministry said that so far 2 crore 6 lakh 62 thousand and 73 vaccine doses have been given to the beneficiaries.

These include 69 lakh 72 thousand 859 Healthcare workers who have taken the 1st dose and 35 lakh 22 thousand 671 Healthcare workers who have taken the second dose. Besides, 65 lakh 2 thousand 869 Frontline workers took the first dose and over one lakh 97 thousand received the second dose.  

4 lakh 60 thousand 782 beneficiaries above 60 years of age and over 30 lakh beneficiaries aged 45 and above with specific co-morbidities received the vaccine. Over 11 lakh 64 thousand vaccine doses were given till 7 pm yesterday on the fiftieth day of nationwide COVID19 vaccination.

The countrywide vaccination drive was rolled out on 16th of January and vaccination of the Frontline Workers started from 2nd February 2021.

The next phase of COVID-19 vaccination has commenced from 1st of this month for those who are over 60 years of age and for people aged 45 and above with specified co-morbid conditions.

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