James Joyce was born into a middle-class, catholic family on February 2, 1882, in Dublin, Ireland. He was the oldest of ten children who survived childhood.

After he completed his graduation in 1902, he went to Paris to study medicine, but he soon abandoned his study. He returns to Dublin when he received a telegram saying that his mother is deathly ill. After his mother’s died, he started teaching and writing book reviews.

 In 1904 he met Nora Barnacle, who later became his wife. His first published book was chamber music( a collection of poetry). It took him 10 years to write Dubliners(a short story collection book), which was published in 1914.

On his 40th birthday, his famous novel Ulysses was published. The book is famous for its use of the stream of consciousness technique.

Joyce’s final book, Finnegans Wake was published in 1939, and like his other novels, it’s also considered puzzling because the book is written in several languages at once. Innovative use of symbolism, attention to language, and the use of interior monologue make him a great writer.

Some of his major works include Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man(It is a semi-autobiographical novel ), Exiles,(It is the only play by James Joyce, Ulysses, Finnegan’s Wake.

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