“There are twin gates of sleep. one, theysay is called the gate of horn and it offers easy passage to all true shades. The other glistens with ivory, radiant, flawless, but through it the dead send false dreams up toward the sky. And here Anchises, his vision told in full, escorts his son and sibyl both and shows them out now through the ivory gate”.  -Virgilius

Publius Vergilius Maro was a roman poet, best known for his three major works- the Burcolics, the georgics, and the Aeneid. His first major work was eclogues, the poems in eclogues focus on the daily life of shepherd and shepherdesses. Eclogues is also called the Bucolics.

Virgil spent seven years writing the Georgics, it is considered one of his best poems. Aeneid is still regarded as a literary masterpiece, he spent eleven years working on Aeneid but he died before completing it. Aeneid is published two years after his death.

The gates of hell are open night and day;

Smooth the descent, and easy in the way;

But to return, and view the cheerful skies;

In this the task and mighty labor lies;

-Virgilus, the Aeneid

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