Government assures of availability of sufficient stock of oxygen in the country; Says steps initiated to ensure supply of medical oxygen to affected states

Amid the growing demands of medical oxygen in the country, the government has assured that sufficient stocks of oxygen are available in the country. The Health and Family Welfare Ministry has informed that the present oxygen stocks are more than 50 thousand metric tonnes in the country.

It also informed that the country’s daily production capacity of oxygen is more than seven thousand metric tonnes and the production capacity has further scaled up. The Central Government has asked the States to make rational use of medical oxygen and avoid wastage to fulfil the growing demands.

Empowered Group has also initiated action to ensure the sufficient availability of medical oxygen. The government assured that the surplus oxygen available with the steel plants is also being utilized as per the need. States have also been asked to set up Control Rooms to ensure smooth supply of oxygen to the districts.

The government has initiated several measures to ensure supply of medical oxygen to various affected states. Steps have been taken to increase production of medical oxygen, utilization of the surplus stocks available with steel plants and mapping the requirements of states with oxygen sources.

Mapping of the surplus sources with States that have greater need for oxygen such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, is being finalised in consultation with the manufacturers, States and other stakeholders.

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