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As New Year’s Eve approaches, many people are thinking about their goals and resolutions for 2020. Reading more books is one of the most common resolutions. Maybe you didn’t read as many books as you wanted to this year. Maybe your TBR is getting out of control. Or maybe you read a lot this year, but want to do even better next year. Regardless, these tips to read more books will help you meet your reading goals in 2020.

The tips below will help you find ways to fit more reading into your schedule, prevent burnout, and reach your goals. Keep in mind that not everything works for everyone. Find inspiration in this list, but you don’t have to take all of the advice listed here to read more books. Remember that reading should be fun and interesting, not torture. That said, I hope this list helps you fulfill your reading dreams.


The best way to consistently read more is to intentionally dedicate more time to reading. Seems easy, right? The best way to make sure you keep your reading resolution through the whole year is to integrate reading time into your regular routine. Wake up a little earlier each day and read while you drink your coffee, dedicate the half hour before bedtime to reading, or spend your lunch breaks with a book. As you make reading a regular part of your schedule, it will become an ingrained habit.


There are only so many hours in the day, right? But if you learn to double task, you double your hours. Read a book while you’re doing something else that doesn’t require your full attention. I like to read or listen to books while working out, cooking, cleaning, and even walking. Just save the really complex books for when you can give them your undivided attention.


When you have a book, you’ll never get bored. You’d be surprised how many moments in your day can be filled with reading if you have a book handy. Waiting for the bus, in line at the grocery, at the doctor’s office, even in a long elevator ride—all are perfect opportunities to squeeze in a few more pages. If you don’t like carrying around a physical book, I highly recommend carrying an ereader or having a reading app downloaded on your phone.


It’s much easier to read more books when you set a reading goal. With a goal in mind, you can stay motivated and make sure you’re staying on track to reach it. The Goodreads Reading Challenge is an excellent way to track your goal, as it can tell you how you’re doing and help you stay on schedule. But make sure the goal you set is attainable; it will only discourage you if you set a goal you aren’t able to reasonably reach.


LISTENING TO AUDIOBOOKS IS NOT CHEATING. We all learn and retain information in different ways, and audiobooks are one of many ways to enjoy a good book. Audiobooks are amazing when it comes to multitasking. You can listen to an audiobook while driving, exercising, walking, and so much more. Plus it’s a great way to avoid eye fatigue when you’ve been reading a lot of print or ebooks. If you’re new to audiobooks or don’t know if they can work for you, I recommend starting with a memoir by a celebrity author you admire, like We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union. Alternatively, try a collection of essays or short stories that can be listened to in shorter bursts, like We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby.


Book clubs are a great way to hold yourself accountable to your reading goal. First, scheduled book club meetings encourage you to finish a book by a certain date. Second, the social aspect of book clubs is a great way to feel more engaged in your reading and to discuss your thoughts with others. Third, books selected by a book club relieve some of the “what do I read next?” pressure that can keep you from picking up your next book. If you commit to a monthly book club, that’s 12 books toward your annual reading goal!

I hope these tips help you to reach your bookish goals!

Thank you.

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