Top five TED TALKS you should watch right now!

1.You owe it to yourself to experience a total solar eclipse | David Baron

Ever heard of the word  ‘umbraphile’ ?  Meet David Baron : not-mystical, not-spiritual eclipse evangelist. In 12 minutes and 20 seconds David tells the story of his first tryst with eclipses and subsequent adventures. A gifted story-telling episode that makes you want to sit in the front row and experience it live. He then passes on the advice that changed his life –’before you die, you owe it to yourself to experience a total solar eclipse’


I’ve lived as a man & a woman — here’s what I learned | Paula Stone Williams | TEDxMileHigh

“Now, I get my hair cut about half as often as I used to, but it costs ten times as much.So, I can go on vacation or I can get my hair cut ”

Paula stone was fired from her job as the  president of the christian church planting organization Orchard Group when she came out as a transgender woman. Unfortunately that wasn’t it, she went on to face many obstacles because of her transition. But she was now gifted with knowledge only few on earth would possess: to have lived as a man AND as a woman. In her hilarious and eye-opening  talk she tells us anecdotes on her experiences of mansplaining, gender politics and of course womens’ jeans  pocket sizes!

3.Your elusive creative genius | Elizabeth Gilbert

 Elizabeth Gilbert, no doubt, is one of the most gifted speakers of all time. As an aftermath of the success of her memoir Eat,Pray,Love, Elizabeth has a realization that leads her to uncover the truth of creative mindset.I can only describe this talk as her splitting and disintegrating our society’s stereotypes of artists and creative geniuses. She makes us question if we should stick to our renaissance-cy thought process that has only brought our artists pain and anguish or if we should re-invent.

Elizabeth Gilbert on the best career advice we've ever heard

4. I got 99 problems… palsy is just one | Maysoon Zayid

Listen to the hilarious comedian maysoon as she tells us about her life with cerebral palsy. Her anecdotes are charming and inspirationa.At the end you will be in awe of her positive attitude and determination to achieve her dreams.You will appreciate life a little more.

5.  Inside the massive (and unregulated) world of surveillance tech | Sharon Weinberger

Thanks to dystopian novels, we all know surveillance is a weapon in the information age. But it might shock you to know that selling surveillance technology does not require you to have an export license in most countries including the United States(the way most arms sales would). It’s this unregulated weapon technology that journalist Sharon Weinberger warns us about. From devices that can collect DNA just by swiping across the skin to devices that can identify a person and their exact geographical location just based on their unique voice print  technology in the spy bazaar is alarming. This talk will open your eyes to the dangers of an unregulated market.

(Not in any particular order)