Day 2; How covid19 attacked us personally

Lock down and Covid-19 has attacked us personally in very different ways, its an endless list of things I would have done if this pandemic hadn’t happened. None of this was planned, all I could remember around me was the announcement of the sudden lock down and social distancing. Everything around me was suddenly dysfunctional, schools and colleges seemed like a distant dream now. Already an year late to college (since I had taken an year off for coaching), I was very much excited about my visit to Jindal University. Tickets were booked, seats picked, dress chosen and excitement was brewing in the air until everything was thrown out of the window by the news of the lock down. 

I could still close my eyes to picture how the sudden news of lockdown affected our schedule. I was disappointed at how close I was to being at Jindal and how it was snatched away from me because of a virus, that cannot be seen by a human eye. It led me to think, how could something so small turn our lives apart. The months passed by in a blur, I was waiting every day, I haven’t been so patient in my life, at least my mother says so. Every day was a repeat of the previous day, my only hope at one point of the time was going back to college. But after months of being locked up in home that faded away too. 

I could no longer relate myself to who I was after months of being isolated, was I the old me or have I changed, if then how much. I had a long list of questions to which I couldn’t find answers by myself. But somewhere I saw the light again at the end of the tunnel, maybe it was my mother’s words of how she wanted to see me in heights I couldn’t imagine then, I saw how proud she was when she talked about it, if she had the courage, then sure her daughter can too.

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