How to drink water? The right way

Did you know that upto 60% of our body is made of water. Every single cell in our body needs water to survive whether it’s our digestion our lungs our heart everything needs water. Many times if we’re feeling tired, lethargic if we have a headache or when our muscles feel tight. A lot of time it’s actually simply because we are dehydrated. It’s actually a key component when it comes to our immunity. We have to keep our body hydrated and water and water only is the thing that’s going to do that.

1. Drink it hot. Or at least at room temperature. According to Ayurveda the boiling water actually enriches it with energy and it gains a quality of sukshma which means penetrating. Hot water is easily absorbed into your circulatory system and helps to flow throughout the body. This means nutrition is delivered more effectively to your cell and your body is removing the waste products from your cell more efficiently too.

2. Sitting down to drink. Standing and drinking water is actually not recommended at all in ayurveda. It says that water can accumulate in different parts of your body and cause swelling. When you drink water too fast it actually just gushes through your body and it doesn’t allow time for your water to go through all the organs. Water is supposed to move through your organ to also remove out some of the toxins or impurities. So if it doesn’t reach the kidney then those toxin will actually build up in our organ and that can lead to bad health. Drinking water standing can also increase the amount of fluids that gets to the joints and so sometimes people will have pain in their joints or swelling in their knees or hands.

3. Drink slowly. Taking small sips throughout the day is most beneficial to you. You can start your day having a good few glasses but as you go through the day, drink it slowly, drink it every hour. But most important when you get to the end of the day try not to drink to much it will disrupt your sleep and it also put too much pressure on your bladder when it’s supposed to be resting and rejuvenating.

4. Drink it first thing in the morning. First thing that goes into your body is so important because of the toxins that accumulate in our body overnight. This actually help flush them all out before we start all over again the next day. Starting your morning with having hot water can really help to cleanse out your system before you get ready for the day.

5.Don’t drink water with your meals. We leave atleast 45 minutes gap between drinking large amount of water and having our meals. The reason is because drinking water releases large amount of water before we’re about to eat dilutes our digestive enzymes in our stomach and then it makes harder for our stomach to digest our food.

6.Add Flavor to your water. I wouldn’t recommend adding sugar because our body actually ends up not recognizing the water to be water it ends up taking it as food so it hydrates your water differently. I recommend you using herbs or spices like cardamom or black pepper. You can also add fruits like grapefruit or oranges anything you like but as natural as possible. Keep it fresh.

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