16 personality types

HOMO SEPIANS are the species dominating the world. This species makes its own standards and breaks them too. They call themselves smartest on earth. They create the most chaos and try to resolve them too. The species that is functioning efficiently because of its mental capabilities like learning new things, to comprehend information, to use it and mostly the so-called self-awareness.
Let’s get into self-awareness. Debbie ford says “the ability to take an honest look at your life without attachment to it being right or wrong”. Simply, to know or to be able to judge your state without being influenced by anything makes you self-aware. Once you are self-aware you understand your needs, values, habits, or we can say you understand your complete personality.
Once you know yourself you want to define yourself. The term which defines your uniqueness. It’s The personality description. There is one famous personality test called “The Myers-Briggs Test” which classifies the world into 16 personality types. This is created by Myers and Briggs who were inspired by Jung’s theory of psychological types. The test includes some awareness questions including likes, dislikes, strengths, weakness, preferences etc.
The 16 personality types include:

  1. ISTJ- The inspector
  2. ISTP- The crafter
  3. ISFJ- The protector
  4. ISFP- The artist
  5. INFJ- The advocate
  6. INFP- The mediator
  7. INTJ- The architect
  8. INTP- The Thinker
  9. ESTP- The persuader
  10. ESTJ- The Director
  11. ESFP- The performer
  12. ESFJ- The caregiver
  13. ENFP- The champion
  14. ENFJ- The giver
  15. ENTP- The debater
  16. ENTJ- The commander
    The first letter in all of these abbreviations include the letter I or E. The letter I indicates introversion and E indicates extroversion. A person is classified as extrovert or introvert based on how they interact and respond with the surrounding world. Extroverts mostly enjoy social interaction, feel energized after spending time with other people. Introverts like to stay thought-oriented, enjoy deep and meaningful social interaction.
    Second letter of the abbreviation include S or N. S stands for sensing and N stands for intuition. This explains how a person gather information from the world. People who are considered to be sensing, tend to derive information from their experiences, from what they see and what all the facts say about. On the other hand, people who are intuitive like to imagine the future, think about possibilities and learn from theories.
    Third letter is either T or F. T stands for thinking and F stands for feeling. These mainly signifies about how personalities take decision based on the information they have. Person of Feeling category prefer people and emotions over material things. Person of thinking category tends to rely on the facts collected and wants to emphasis on thinking about them.
    The last letter may have J or P. this is mainly how people like to deal with the outer world. J stands for judging, where these kinds of people prefer firm decision and a perfect plan. P stands for perceiving and these people are more flexible and adaptable. They are open to everything.
    Any of the above personality is not superior or inferior than the other. And these classification does not give any information about the mental health. But this can provide some insights about yourself and it will increase your self awareness.

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