Helloooo guys!! Hope you all are doing good😊.

Before we jump right into the topic .

I have a few questions to ask.

What do you think is the most popular pick for any photographer or an artist?
From where do you think are the musicians getting inspired from?

Why is the sun shining so bright in the morning and it’s so dark in the night?
Why are the water bodies blue? Why are trees green?

Ok ok I asked too many questions, haha sorry guys
I will ask only one question .

Why is the nature so beautiful?

All this points to only one thing that is

” The art of NATURE”

It’s the art of nature because the nature is deciding the beautiful and colourful strokes needed for the beings to live.

Nature has everything that is needed to be learnt by us humans .Every aspect of it is something special.

Nature is magic.”

Nature has many qualities like discipline, strictness, sincerity, love, care
The definition of beauty is nature.”

Nature is so free, boundless.
But at the same time it is not reckless or careless.

Nature is has its own will but it also bends the will if needed .
It forms it’s rules and abides by it but when it breaks those rules the living beings have to face dire consequences.

It’s as if the process of crafting is so beautiful that your in awe .

It’s make you feel every bit of emotion that exists but you cannot express all in it few words.

The ocean, sea, rivers, all forms of water bodies are like vast blankets that cover the earth as if protecting us .

The sky so free that when we stare at it makes you feel as if the limiter we have set is broken .When we stare at nature there is an immense silence and its as if nothing can stop you from experiencing the freedom .

The clouds are like the drawings that kids draw with pure heart although not perfect, it fills our heart.

We definitely have to talk about the starry night skies that fill our eyes with glitters ,words are not enough describe the beauty of the nature.

This feeling of satisfaction is similar to that of watching an art piece of your favourite artist in an art museum .

Nature gives food, water, what not it gives everything that we need so that we can sustain our lives on earth .

Because of its unconditional love we are leading happy lives .

Everyone calls it “mother nature” .In my view nature is god because of its pure love towards every being living or non living. It doesn’t discriminate anyone on any basis . Nature embraces us, protects us, even when we destroy, pollute it still accepts us.

So in return our only responsibility as on the receiver side is to protect the nature and its beauty
so our next generations can also see the “Art of nature”


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