Complaints Never End!

What is the most important goal of you as a person? Having a perfect life, Or a happy one? Do we even have proper definitions to these terms available. Why is it so that we all are always just complaining, being sad about something or other going wrong in our lives. Why do we only wish to count the things we are lacking and not the ones which are present for us everyday. Well, may be because we are too busy in proving ourselves superior these days that we just couldn’t accept if anyone around possess anything better than us. And the fun fact is the other person is trying to do the same thing, and thus they try to hide their shortcomings and outshine themselves while actually they are into the same thought as yours. Moreover, in today’s scenarios people not only tend to show their superiority by their possessions but also in the problems of their life. Say, if you go to someone to vent about your problems they will try to demean the depth of your problem and describe their’s as a major issue.


!ACCEPTANCE! The most important thing to have in life. And the thing most lacked by us, humans. It is the one thing which can solve 50% of our stress because as they say ” It’s all in the mind”. Accepting doesn’t mean to learn to settle for less, or to stop working to improve or to grow. Having a simple meaning, still a very crucial term to understand. As when interpreted wrong it could even make you resistant to your own growth. Acceptance is the the gratitude for good things and priviledges we have even if it’s those basic things like food to eat which thousands of people in the world are still deprived of, shelter to live while there are so many who still have no roof on their heads and still keep lurking here and there, clothes to wear that still is very hard to even afford for some and books to learn, as education being the strongest weapon to survive in this World has to be considered a basic necessity for all. However, many of them doesn’t even understand the meaning of this term. Acceptance is the sense of Belongingness we get from our beloved family and friends around us, the ones who care for us and deserve to be loved back. The true value of such relations is understood by the individuals who have no friends, by the kids who lost their families/ parents at an early age, those old age people whose children separated from them. Thus, instead of trying to make them feel inferior or boasting about oneself we should be celebrating ans supporting each other with love and care as we humas are here for each other, by each other. Acceptance is the fact that life doesn’t need to be perfect and happiness doesn’t come from luxuries. Rather, it solely depends on your state of mind in every situation.

Life is made up of both, JOYS and SORROWS..

Problems and situations has to be present each day! Or else what else you could be doing with the time regularly. Being stressed regularly is a burden, likewise enjoying regularly will bore you with it someday soon too. Imbalance works nowhere, and that is why you get both joys and sorrows equally or based on the decisions you make in life. This is what our lives are all about, as days of relaxation and entertainment are there to make us realise the beauty of our life. The troublesome days are here to provide you with lessons of life, to build your knowledge of how you solve and create, to let you grow. Solving problematic situations gets you acknowledged with the opportunities you can use to create the methodologies and ethics to be followed by you for the entire lifetime. With every step you climb, you learn from the bygones and take precautions from making similar mistakes and realise the value of certain things or people you should have been happy about. This is how the life cycle works, right.

Realise before it goes away.

As the times passes, individuals and possessions come and go, it depends upon you which ones you hold or let go. Complaining or being jealous doesn’t helps you get something but, acceptance surely would strength you to move on and find happiness and peace in the hardest situations too. Learn to value what belongs to you, and not always what you desire. Materials doesn’t die along with you,those are feelings and satisfaction that survive until the end and provide you the smile at the end of the day.

In such cases, Often The best motivations are when you look up to some real life stories and the protagonist of these stories growing through. Because, then you could believe the actual importance to a specific lesson. So here are a few links for you to hear actual people and learn ;

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