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Founded in 2015, the platform was initially introduced as a YouTube channel by Gaurav Manjal back in 2010. With its primary headquarters residing in Bengaluru, Unacademy is India’s biggest learning platform which brings together expert Educators for millions of students who are in the requirement of enhanced quality education. 

The Unacademy app is available not only for 10+2 students but also for college applicants who are qualifying for competitive exams like CAT, GATE, UPSC, etc.

Unacademy’s Progress 

Unacademy offers over 2,400 lessons, covering subjects from a variety of competitive examinations. The platform currently comprises thousands of online educators as well as over 250 million total views for their YouTube videos. As the online learning platforms rise in importance the platform will definitely only continue to grow.


Unacademy initially began as a YouTube channel that offered free education for whoever visited its channel. When some extent, its founders began considering the prospect of bit by bit monetizing their expedited services leading to the birth of Unacademy, an official learning platform that offered free classes.


Unacademy offers courses for all popular entrances such as UPSC, SSC and bank exams, railway exams, defence exams, JEE and NEET preparation, State PSC, NET exams,  GATE, ESE and IIT-JAM, NEET PG, TET exams, Management & Foreign Studies, CA, CS & Law exams, CBSE and Personal and Skill Development


Backed by major massive companies like FacebookAmazon, General Atlantic, and redwood Capital, Unacademy has been fending well for itself. At this stage, the platform holds associate degree optimum chance to require its business to larger heights, equipped with a team that’s driven to form the simplest out of its on market resources.

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