Online Marketing

Marketing is a good idea.But whenever it comes to the online marketing,it is not appreciable one.The people have comforted themselves but they like online marketing,online business etc.When it deals with a large capital things,the customer may fall under the wrong impression and may have a wrong opinion on the product he or she is trying to get over.

On the other hand,the online marketing is also helpful in the situation like the pandemic times.It is very difficult to go out and to get the things for the needs and fulfill the necessity.It is very difficult to travel outside and get all the thing1 ⅜s done within the time.The online marketing helps the individual to acquire all the things which are needed in a particular period of time.For instance,the covid patients cannot go outside and get all the things which deals with the basic,the online marketing helps the individual to get all the things done by being at the home and in a very simple way

Types of online marketing:

Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

When you optimize your website and other online properties for search engines,you make your content more accesible to ur audience.SEO allows consumers to type search queries into google and other search engines,then find your content.

Getting good at SEO will move your content up in the serach engine results pages(SERPs).you are more likely to get a click from a prospective customer if you appear on page versus page nine.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM):

While SEO and SEM share certain qualities,most marketers use SEM to refer to any advertising efforts you make via search engines.For instance,if you run ads on google Adwords’s program,you are participating in SEM.

Many brands struggle to rank high in google during their first year or two of operation.SEM allows you to gain an advantage over the competition without waiting for your SEO efforts to take effect.

Email Marketing:

We’ve covered email marketing in great depth here on the kajabi blog_ and there’s a reason for that.It works.

Yours email list can become your greatest asset as you build your bussiness.It gives you a direct line to current,past,and prospective customers.As you release new digital products,you can make your audience aware of them.

Plus,it helps you keep your brand fresh.If your audience receivers regular,high-value communication from you,those people will associate your brand with good things,from generosity to credibility.

Pay-per-click(ppc) Ads:

PPC ads and banner advertisements share lots of similarities.The primary difference is how you pay.

With ppc ,you pay each time someone clicks on your add.If you’re showing banner ads with an arrangement with an add network or website,you typically pay a flat fee in advance.

PPc ads through search engines, social media,platforms,and other online spaces can prove extremely effective.If u set your budget,so you never pay more than you intend.when you’ve consumed your budget,ads stop runing

Affiliate Marketing:

Like a car dealership salesperson,an affiliate marketer only gets paid after someone purchases your product.If no sales take place you don’t pay.

Affiliates can promote your products anywhere they want.It’s a great way to gain access to new audiences.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencers have become a hot topic of conversation. They are highly regarded among their audiences ,they often relate well to the people who follow them,and they can persuade people to buy your products.

Not all influences have audiences as large as those of kim don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for someone to promote your product.

Look for influences in your niche or industry.Approach them by offering them free access to one of your digital products.

Social Media:

Just about everyone is on social media these days .Most people use facebook,twitter,instagram,whattsapp,…etc and the other major players to share news with their friends and family members. Some have built businesses excusively around their social media activity.

However,you can also use social media to promote your knoeledge commerece products. Whether you advertise on these platforms or not ,you’re gaining visibility and sending people to your website.

Advantages and Disadvantages:



The marketing through online helps the individual for being comfortable and fulfilled at the needs within the time without any delay.By being at the home comfort the individual can get all the things which are needed and can also help others who are in need


There are good number of discounts provided in the platforms of marketing basing on the seasons.If an individual can catch the discounts,he or she will be benifited with some amount of money.This is a smart way to save the money and can have a good life style.

* Big Deals:

Whenever an individual goes for the big deals like buying the refrigerators,Ac’s,washing machine etc.., to individual can get good amount of offers and also the best quality is provided.carrying things like refrigerators and washing machines from the market to the home is very difficult thing.But, through online marketing the things are brought very easily to the home without any damage.If any damage occurs,this also chance to return it and get a good one


*Because online marketing requires customers to use newer technologies than traditional media,not all people may get the message

* Another one is the inability of shoppers to touch,smell,taste or try on tengible goods before making on online purchase

* Many consumers are hesitate to buy items over the internet because they do not trust that their personal information will remain private