” The sight of my old pencil art of a little girl holding index finger of her dad made me to travel into my past. Dad saw true mastery in my scribblings. I think he is the only person who will be good to us. The doll becomes dull, in his absence. Girls are much connected to their dad but I had spent portable time with my dad. Every daughter feels her dad as a hero. In my issue he is not only a hero, but he is also a board of support, the spark in my gapes and shine in my smile. He is the man behind us as a guide and beside us as a friend.

Dad’s are not only heads of our family but also honey to our mom and king to his princess just like a nerve vagus in our body. Dad while remembering all the naughty things, a cute smile on my face suddenly disappeared when I turned the other page of my drawing book. The same art but with out you, tugged me back to reality. I do remember that day started pleasantly and ended with grief.

As soon as we came to know about the covid positive result of my dad, he isolated from us and maintained taking medication through online. Exactly after three days of his isolation he undergone into serious condition, that he is not able to take breathing properly and we admitted my dad in a hospital. We are in a hope that he will get cured soon and will return to our home but our expectations went wrong.

My mom received a call from the hospital after a day of admitting my dad which made my thoughts to run high. My breath stooped for a while before I complete my prayer. Dad, I saw you without any eternity in your body and that environment ceased my brain. It couldn’t send any messages to my tear glands. Suddenly my throat loaded and I felt heavy. I feared to see you like that dad. My mom hold me tightly. Tears gushed from one eye. My room knows how much I cried. It’s my palm that zipped my every killing tear.

I not only lose my dad but also my friend and my strength. It’s unfair dad, you must not leave your little girl. The three months of my journey with out you made me to feel alone. Please come back dad!! I need you . Society seems too outrageous, your girl is confronting with hurdles every day. Immense pain produce no rips, storing all the pain inside the flush box and pressed my expression with throated emotions. “

The above write-up is the pain of a little girl who lost her dad due to covid-19 pandemic. There are several families around us lost their loved ones because of this pandemic. The death one’s is one of the worst tragedies in life. The pain of those families is speech less.

Finally, I wish to say that we cannot bring back the people who left us physically but we can help their families by supporting them during the emotional hardship to make them feel safe and strong.


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