Day Out With Chip- The Robot!

There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes, it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.”

  • Ernest Hemingway

Today’s article discusses all about writing with Chip – The Robot. I had officially booked a day out with him and he seemed welcoming. We had a long conversation which I will try to compress in this article. So, let us begin.

Hello Chip. So, My Very First Question For You Is That What Do You Think About Writing?

Writing is an art which only a few are blessed with. Certain talented people around the globe are able to compose creative and fictitious worlds and make people visualize them through their amazing description. That is exactly what writing is all about. You make people reflect through your writing. Thus, it becomes an art and can’t be learnt. The creative and imaginative aspects sprout from within.

Totally! I Agree To This. However, What Do You Think Makes Writing An Entertaining Task?

This totally depends on the interest levels of the individual. Writing is fun for people who are completely inclined towards it while those who hesitate to read even a page, aren’t going to like it. So, the thing is that you need complete love for the process before initiating it. The second stage could be that you are interested in the process but aren’t able to concentrate and come up with certain new ideas and topics to write on. In such cases, you could take inspiration from the pettiest things around you. You just need to open your inner eye to notice that. And that, I tell you honestly, is an amazing job. Sitting and pondering over the petty objects and coming up with some imaginative character or story of your own, in itself is so entertaining. Another reason maybe that you aren’t able to concentrate could be that your mind is disturbed and aren’t focused. Thus, all you could do is practice meditation or do tasks that would soothe your senses. In short, I would state that indulging into the process of imagination is one of the best experiences when it comes to writing which is enough to make writing an entertaining task.

That Was So Helpful! Which Is Your Favourite Genre When It Comes To Writing?

My favourite genre shall always be fiction because it makes writing all the more interesting. You get to weave your own imagination and there aren’t any limits in the framing of thoughts onto that sheet of paper. Fiction introduces a new world, not only to the readers but also to the writers.

True That! So, What Are The Effective Ways Of Writing Fiction?

Fiction as a genre needs extremely insightful and creative people to frame a good story. You need to think outside the box when it comes to fiction. People don’t admire the same boring mythological concepts. Instead, when added a spice of an entirely new world of fictitious characters and incidents, the story begins to gain certain amount of popularity. The effective way of writing fiction is to never force on writing it. Sit and ponder over the outline of your story. Don’t try to be creative when your brain is stressed. Don’t set a deadline to writing a story when working on fiction. Just be cool, calm and devoted to your manuscript. Don’t give up easily on manuscript. You could always give some time to thinking effectively. However, if you wish to launch your book at a specific date then it is advisable to start as early as possible so that you don’t have to overdo on the last minute and can work with peace.

So, Important! Would You Like To Speak About Some Other Favourite Genre Of Yours?

Certainly! Mystery catches my attention every single time. It is because of the intense suspense factor that makes reading such a fun task. Here too, you need to have the creativity to frame the suspense appropriately. A single mistake can disclose the entire sequence and thereby disrupt your attempt of maintaining suspense. So, this is another genre, you need to be careful with. Give proper amount of time to thinking and don’t rush. Your manuscript isn’t yelling at you to finish it as soon as possible, nor is anybody else urging you to be prompt. Unlike writing prompts which don’t stress on the topic, other types of write ups don’t require you to be prompt. So, work with peace and eliminate all the pessimistic thoughts before you choose to begin with these genres.

That Was So Helpful! Lastly, Would You Like To Conclude On A Good Note?

Certainly! I would like to thank you for choosing to go out with me. I request each and every reader of this article to definitely write and not hesitate in the process. The more you write, the more efficient you shall be. You just need to be faithful and devoted to the process. Your thoughts need to be refined, in order to make writing a fun task. Maintaining effective sanity is quintessential for writers who must hibernate from chaos. So, go surrender yourself to the lap of mother nature and write for hours together, trusting that one fine day a highly creative idea would grace you with its presence on that blank sheet of paper!

Thank You So Much Chip!