Ask yourself the above question.

 There’s a myth revolving around us how to face our day to day life and socialize ourself. The answer is, in this generation the people lead a much sophisticated life which results lack of good qualities. Everyone does their everyone’s personal work and just move on. They just forgot to look up others. 

                          As I already said if we have to face tomorrow we should be ready to face someone whose strange to us. Nowadays people just doesn’t know where to laugh as they always expose their emotions and expression only on social medias like Facebook, whatsApp, Instagram, twitter etc…, But the saddest truth is the friends we earn through online is not always available for us to cope up. 

                  First we should make ourself stead in making and taking wise decision to get out of our today’s problems because the solution we get for today’s problems is the result of happiness that we enjoy for tomorrow. 

                     We should practice to do our day to day work within the clock ends today as because every new day begins with every new challenge. We should ready to tackle and finish our race which is nothing but our toady. 

This two quotes easily says how the time is important to us…. 

           ” The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” and” Time is money”.

So the answer for the biggest question HOW TO FACE TOMORROW gets its point on the day before that is TODAY itself. The smile you have today is the pain you gone through yesterday. Always be ready to get on and move on. Evaluation is constant. 

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