There are so many things that have advantages and disadvantages in life. More than pros and cons, these things leave an impact in our life either good or bad. One such thing is social media. Every one of us uses social media knowingly and unknowingly. Our day starts with and ends in social media. Social media doesn’t only include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It covers all that provide us information through the internet and keeps the world connected. Such media which influence our day-to-day life has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore that in this article.


Starting with the advantages we have many to cite as an example. Social media is a platform used to portray ourselves to the outside world. Here, we share content and get to other’s content which keeps us bound. It enables us to engage in social networking. It is widespread across the globe and allows us to create a community. It connects us and makes our communication easy and accessible. Through this, we could build our relationships stronger. Social media supports education through different learning platforms. This provides knowledge to every single part of the world. It develops the students’ interests to explore more and more. Social media also helps in building customer relationships through digital marketing. It makes customers fall for your services and give their feedback. Information spreads faster than wildfire in social media. This helps to get emergency helps like finding the missing persons. During this second wave of the pandemic, social media helped out to get blood donors, oxygen cylinders, and some rare dugs. It lets us share our achievements and also lets us know others’ accomplishments which motivates us to do a lot more. It provides support and encouragement through our community. It gives us a way to connect with our distant friends and relations. Also, social media is used for relaxing and getting relief from work stress.


After going through a lot of advantages, let us see some disadvantages of social media. When coming to disadvantages the first thing that comes to our mind is privacy problems. Sharing some content or posts may seem inappropriate for others and problems can arise from it. Also, sharing our personal and professional info can cost us sometimes due to hacking and other threats. Some people may try to bully us by knowing our details. This is a very bad disadvantage of social media. Another, we get influenced by others so much that we start changing our lifestyles. Scrolling for long hours will have a very bad effect on our body and health. We change our sleep cycles due to this unending scrolling and ruin our eyes and sleep. Although social media connects people, there is a lack of emotional connection between them. Due to these social media, we end up sending messages even for important issues and lost the habit of speaking over the phone. When we speak over the phone, the emotions are also conveyed along with the messages. In chatting, only our messages are sent and not the emotions. So, anybody in the conversation cannot sense that feel. We engage ourselves most of the time in social media and fail to spend time with family which is the most essential one. Finally overusing will lead us to get addicted to it and it becomes very difficult to get over the addiction.

This conflict between advantages and disadvantages continues to grow. Nothing can be perfect in life. It is our efforts that help us lead a perfect flawless life. We have to ensure that whether we are making good use of social media. If we feel that we are getting addicted to social media, just try to come out of that routine. Everything lies in our hand’s control and nothing can go out of it until we don’t allow it.