In the real world, we are learning new things every day and improving our decision-making skills on the basis of successful decisions in the past. Isn’t this human learning? If we now use computers to fully automate this process, what will it be? This will be machine learning.

Everyday applications

We use it a dozen times a day without even realizing it. Every time you perform a Google search, your machine learning software will figure out how to categorize the pages you want to visit. Also learn that if you read emails from your inbox, the smart spam filter can save you from browsing a lot of spam.


Recently, Tom Mitchell described machine learning as a computer program. It is said that the program learns from experience E related to task T and performance metric P because its performance in T is improved by the P metric. Experience E Let us give an example of an online chess game, in which each game is a task T, and the process of the game is the experience E. Each game has a final result, which is a performance indicator P. This performance indicator is to win. Probability of a game against a new opponent. Now that the computer has the patience to play tens of thousands of games alone, it can further improve your chances of winning consecutively. Machine learning technology: a brief overview We all know how computers work, we all know How the computer works, we have simplified many operations. Now we are trying to get computers to examine all the macro and micro levels of human thought processes that lead to multiple decision-making skills. By developing truly intelligent machines, we can do almost anything you and I can do. This work consists of complex algorithms and functions of artificial intelligence applications running in expert systems. With every action you take, the computer will learn self-learning and self-esteem through progressive, keen, and precise decision-making skills. The computer learns to remember a past experience and process them according to the archived tasks and the resulting performance level. Development of actions/results in a specific context or situation.


Machine learning is not limited to Google search or Amazon prediction. It is widely used in medical diagnosis, where tiny patterns are revealed to predict disease. Machine learning can have a positive impact on treatment and subsequent procedure decisions. Financial transactions, data mining, fraud detection, speech recognition, spam prevention, and language translation are some other areas where machine learning is used. The company uses the technology to predict the relevance of products based on the collected data. Let us see what machine learning can bring to the future. A fully functional self-driving car is expected to be available at the end of 2018. Natural language processing has developed a subset of machine learning so that students can improve search results and translations based on the search context. It will also help digital assistants like Siri interact with Humans On Cyber ​​Security Front, a machine learning model that can analyze the structure of inbound or outbound traffic to detect and stop suspicious before continuing damage occurs. activity. Decisions and code changes can be made without explicit programming, which makes machine learning an inevitable trend now and in the future.