What happens if mix-up several doses of the Covid-19 vaccine?

It has almost been a year since the country was forced to its knees by accepting the lockdown terms. On the evening of March 24th, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a nationwide lockdown. The lockdown caused immense times of difficulties and also claimed several lives. The lockdown period also thought us the need and urge of helping. We were united in this fight against the pandemic. Although, the virus claimed several lives; it also thought us about how to face a crisis and made us adapt to the online routine.

Several countries and research units immediately began working towards a cure against the virus. After several attempts and tries, many research centers came up with vaccines to help release the citizens of this devastating pandemic. The government too implemented policies to help ease the citizens of the nation. Currently in India, we are offered one particular type of vaccine to help us in developing antibodies to help fight the virus. The vaccine doses were administered to main people above the age group of 18, to mainly eradicate this virus from our nation. Doses are been given now to the youth in efforts to boost the country’s economy.

Recently, a Lancet medical journal reported that a mixed schedule of the Pfizer shot followed by the AstraZeneca dose has caused high amounts of antibodies in a patient’s body.

The doctors and medical health care unit are constantly working hard in improving the efficacy rates and efficiency of these vaccines. One way, of improving the vaccine’s efficiency is by giving the doses at a delayed time to have maximum impact on one’s body. In countries where several choices of doses are available, the other vaccines can be used as assistance to boost the immunity of a person.

Well according to the research, the order in which the people were administered the different vaccines affected the results. In cases where the AstraZeneca jab was given before the Pfizer vaccine displayed higher levels of antibodies than Pfizer tailed by AstraZeneca. Several methods and orders of mixing up these vaccines were carefully studied and finally, the most effective dosage was found to be Astra followed by Pfizer.

This trial was carried out by involving 830 people over the age of 50. It was tested solely against the primitive virus found in Wuhan in the year 2019. Further testing against the several strains and variants present now can help in widening this research and could help develop further such combinations of vaccines. This study will also attempt at implementing several other doses like Moderna and Novavx.

Initially, the shots of AstraZeneca were placed between 6-8 weeks, which has now been increased to a duration of 12 weeks to increase the efficiency of the vaccine. Furthermore, a study under Oxford also claimed that spacing the time between the two doses to 10 months further boosts the vaccine’s effectiveness.

The vaccines are our only hope in this fight against the virus, so we must believe in them and take up the doses diligently. Medical institutes will always come up with better ways of vaccinating the population. So, we must co-operate with the medical representatives and cause any trouble to them.

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