A Survey Of Pens Across The Globe!

“A Pen Is The Tongue Of The Mind.”

  • Horace

Today’s article is a work of fiction as it conducts a survey with all the ‘Pens’ across the globe. As you very well know, Pens are associated deeply with the writing process because they pose as a medium to disseminate our thoughts onto that sheet of paper before us. Yes, I totally agree that one has to whack their brains for this as well, but pens make your thinking process worth it!

I conducted a survey with all the Pens across the globe and received certain responses regarding the writing process.

The questions were, “What are your thoughts regarding the Writing Process?” and a Yes or No question being “Do you think Writing is Boring?”

The Responses Were As Follows:

A Pen From The United States Of America, Indiana

I find the writing process fun and love it when people begin working on it while using me as a medium. I am glad that I have some worth and value in this world. But the sad part is that pens are only looked upon when it comes to writing, while other times, we lose our worth.”

Yes Or No Question:

No, writing is not a boring task. Instead it is an interesting job that helps awaken your imagination.

A Pen From The United Kingdom, Wales

“Writing is a subjective process and totally depends on the perspective of the person involved. If the person admires the process and remains keen in imagining and coming up with creativity then it is fun, otherwise it isn’t. I, as a pen can only wait for the right person to initiate writing, who wholeheartedly surrenders himself to the process without any sort of disturbance.”

Yes Or No Question:

As I just said, this is a subjective process, so it could be either Yes or No, depending upon the person involved.

A Pen From Berlin, Brandenburg

“Writing is an art that can’t be learned. It is a god gifted talent that not every person possesses. It is because creativity is something that needs to be within. The urge to think and come up with something unique needs to sprout from within. These things can’t actually be learned. We pens, do not form the intellect of the writer, but prove to be important when it comes to initiate the process. For me, every writer is important because they make us productive and increase our worth.”

Yes Or No Question:

Yes, writing is a boring task for a person who isn’t interested but is just into it, for the sake of livelihood. This art requires love because when you love writing, not only that particular write up but also the pen loves you back! 😉

A Pen From France, Brittany

“I, as a Pen can only say that write ups require sheer practice, dedication, love, patience, devotion and focus. The writer needs to be acquainted with holding me 24/7 in order to enrich the process. We pens need to be held frequently because it is easy to receive thoughts on the upper floor of the human body, but to jotting those umpteen thoughts down is a complex task. A writer can’t possibly occupy an entire day for writing. Thus, practice with us (pens) is important, very important!

Yes Or No Question:

Writing is boring for a person who finds it a pesky job to maintain the word count. Thus, practice is essential. After all, Practice Makes Perfect, doesn’t it?

A Pen From Saudi Arabia, Mecca

“Write when a stable mind is ensured. Writing isn’t all about jotting down anything one pleases. It is also about writing the sensible thing with utmost creativity. However, it depends on the genre whether you are expected to use creativity or reality more.”

Yes Or No Question:

No, writing is not a boring task because it comes with convenient branches comprising of various genres. One has complete freedom to choose any genre to work on. Also, you are free to choose your own set of topics. What more does one need?

Interesting responses aren’t they? These are some of the pens that responded while others just voted with a Yes or No.

These are the Pens from countries that actually responded. As visible, the responses are mostly No, stating that writing is not a boring task. We thank all the Pens who participated in the survey and helped it become a success! So, what are you waiting for? Writing isn’t a boring task after all. Begin writing now!

Happy Writing!

Thank You For Reading!