An Art of Hope

Do you get annoyed when somebody doesn’t respond to your calls? or Do you feel frustrated when you are unable to finish a task? These emotions are faced within you when you lack patience.
Patience is when an individual can bring these emotions under control and it is also a skill or an ability to tolerate delay and act accordingly.

Impatience leads to anger issues, it also acts as an obstacle between you and your goals, it increases the chances of making wrong decisions and it may also lead to a negative attitude and constant complaining.

Whereas patience will help you to stay calm, it will increase the chances of making proper decisions and may create a positive attitude within you and a positive environment around you.

Patience is a skill which should be taught by parents to their children. A child should learn to wait even for the littlest craving. It will increase their ability to wait and would definitely help them to get closer to their goals and dreams in the future.

The importance of patience is also given in some holy books like Bible, Bhagavad Gita, and Quran.
It focuses on the ability to be calm with your loved ones as well as your foes.

How to foster patience?
There are various ways to develop patience.

 • Learn to wait
 • Take a long view before making any decisions
 • Stay calm even during difficult stages of life.
 • Smile even during facing challenges
 • Relax between tasks
 • Also be a patient listener

A child’s patience is tested when he doesn’t get his favourite toy , a man’s patience is tested when he doesn’t get his job promotion.Patience is tested of every person at every stage of life and one should know how to tackle it perseverance can bring patience to life.
Patience comes to us when we practice it in our daily lives. It is a virtue to be exercised with repeated efforts to create long-term goals and be successful. So, have patience!

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