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Education is the important part of our life to be an independent person education is the first key to achieve the success. But ever wonder how due to Covid19 so many dreams got destroyed whole world is moving Digital. The villages where government schools were established for the poor children their RIGHT TO EDUCATION how they will continue their education in this present situation. They don’t have smart phones, tablets, PC how they will get the privilege opportunities. We people are lucky to live a life where in the lockdown scenarios also we are able to continue our education. Indeed digital world is strong many lives became easy now due to technology platforms like zooms, google meet playing an important roles for education , students from kindergarten started their education online. It’s affecting the life of the children from the poor family due to lack of opportunities they have to discontinue their education . People from the middle class, poor class families became unemployed lost their jobs due to Covid19, Only one thing they have question now “ how to run their family ?” . Mostly people working from home and earning money chilling Netflix .But in this situation also many people started working hard risking their life , so that their family can eat one time meal and even the children also started working to support their family . Whole world is about privilege opportunities , fighting competitions to achieve dreams so that everyone can live peaceful , searching for perfect life where world rotating with scars, only one dream they started watching the poor parents dreaming their children going to school carrying books and living their dreams but due to the situation they lost the opportunities .

Digital education is fine for privilege families but think about the poor families, don’t you think some steps should be taken immediately for their betterment for the poor kids who also want to set in the digital world , many places in India don’t have electricity , no internet connection then how they will survive in the digital world. Government mid day meal also organized for the poor kids even they lost their one chance. We all ordering food from Zomato and Swiggy living our best life . Think about the small kids they lost their faith to live their dreams and even their health situation is weak to survive in this way . Many people got positive in Covid19 due to their state because they can’t afford the life living in lockdown and lack of medical facilities in their villages. In the city life mostly people treated in hospitals and also in home online appointment and medicines facilities are available too .

This is how digital life background in the environment but for some people they can’t get close to it .

Written by : Rasmita Dey

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