Discrimination- Still a social issue

Discrimination is such a social issue that is prevalent in India from a long time. Though Indian Law describes discrimination as punishable crime under Civil Right Act 1964, we often see many cases of it. Why is this so?? Why even after so many years of evolution and development we see such social issues?? All the answers to these questions lies in our foundation and environment that we grow in. 

From the very start of growth many children are not taught the difference between “leg pulling” and discrimination. Many young as well as elderly people discriminate people and remark it as a “joke.” For instance calling someone “black” just for fun seems funny but in reality it is a huge social drawback. This shows how much we lack education. Recent incident of “youtuber Paras Singh calling Arunachal Pradesh a Chinese Territory” proves the fact. Though he apologized and realized his mistakes , no one can neglect the fact that this incident would not have occurred if we were more cautious and educated. 

There is a huge hole in our mindset and its needed to be filled before it eat us all. A discriminated person faces huge mental trauma and may have a severe impact. We need to be more sensitive while dealing with such topics. Educating children from the young age  as well as educating ourselves on such topic may bring a huge change in near future. It is well known that discrimination have a long history and it will not eradicate instantly. But taking small steps today will bring major change in near future

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