National Investigation Agency (NIA)

• NIA Act, 2008– established the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

• Extends to the whole of India. Applies to Citizens of India outside India.

• Government servants wherever they may be.

• Persons on ships and aircrafts registered in India wherever they may be.

• NIA is the Central Counter Terrorism Law Enforcement Agency in India.

• Can investigate and prosecute for offences under the following Schedule.

National Security Guard (NSG)

• 1984: Union Cabinet decided to create a Federal Contingency Force to tackle terrorism.

• NSG formally came into being in 1986: the NSG Act 1986.

• Modelled on the pattern of Special Air Service (SAS) of the UK and GSG9 of Germany.

• NIA Act, 2008- established the National Investigation Agency

Two complementary elements:
 Special Action Group (SAG)- comprising Army personnel.
 Special Ranger Group (SRG)- comprising personnel drawn from CAPF/State police forces.

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