In the recent years, distance teaching and learning has become a major part of our lives. Now a days, since the outbreak of COVID-19 we all are doing work from home not taking even a days’ leave thinking that it would not waste our time no matter whatever is going around us. We are all somehow bound to do the same be it for our schools, colleges or official works. But the question arising here is that are we seriously up to something doing this?, Are we mentally getting affected through all this in any way?, Do our mind feels saturated at times? Yes, It surely does. Maybe online teachings and online learning or be it work from home allows us to work at our own pace, learn the things according to us, be in a comfort zone but in many ways the machines are captivating our minds and transforming us into ‘Robots’.

What physical learning taught us is something which online teachings can never teach us. The way we used to interact with our teachers, with our friends, developing a different bond with people around us has now been restricted to just a screen and a room. Sitting in a room with a laptop for hours, working endlessly since morning till late night, having the whole routine ruined is something people now are getting used to. These all things have created a different environment around, which is making us to adapt more of the virtual things rather than seeing the real outcomes. We are living in a world where we have more of the assumptions than the factual information because we are now physically restricted to go out and explore them ourselves. We have a virtual thought flow in and around us.

Online education is usually more affordable. Online education further happens to be comparatively cheaper in comparison to the conventional learning. Under traditional education or training programs we are required to pay for the other facilities provided by the institution but for online training and learning we only need to pay the fees.

Although I agree to the point that online classes and work from home has increased our convenience and flexibility towards certain things, good for women who can now take out some time from their household works and learn different skills by just being at home, but in many ways have made us isolated from the social life where we physically interact to people and made us to live a stressful life. Not only mentally but it has also affected us physically. Sitting for hours and idly staring at the screen has affected our eye sight, no exercises in a day leading to obesity and much more. We are now much more reliant on technology where we are actually ignoring the practice based learning. Work from home has created new opportunities for many people across the globe who were earlier not being able to do any work due to personal reasons. It is helpful up to some extent but not reliable as it prevents us from learning basic skills otherwise possible physically.