Capture Your Prey!

“Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.”

Ray Bradbury

Today’s article speaks about being a Tiger and Capturing your Prey. I’m sure you are left wondering as to how a tiger is related to writing. Let’s quickly delve into the topic to learn how!

Consider the entire concept of Writing as a Forest and the Tiger as a writer. A tiger succeeds in capturing his prey efficiently and is thus, proficient. Similar is the case with Writing. We have to Capture Creative Wordings in order to prove our efficiency. In short, the way you write is all that matters. Your Content is the prey! Capture it and be the king! Capturing the prey could also mean capturing the ‘X’ factor in the writing process!

However, some aspects are necessary to cover when aspiring to reach the ‘X’ factor. Let us view some of them!

Read More And More!

Consider reading books of famous authors who use native English vocabulary because they sometimes tend to make use of interesting phrases and go – to lines which you could use for your content.

Subscribe To YouTube Channels For English Learning!

YouTube, a widely used video platform comes with all the remedies, doesn’t it? All you’ve got to do is, type in the search bar “English learning for beginners” and vast options are available for you to scroll by!

Audio Books Are Bae!

A new concept is out in the market! You could purchase audio books and read them while listening. Sounds cray cray, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what you can do if you aren’t much of a bookworm and would prefer listening rather than reading!

Try Conversing More In English!

Conversation is the key where vocabulary is the lock,

Go about framing interesting sentences as you talk!

Said by The Laconic Writer! 😉 This may be said by me, but isn’t it true? Go about framing interesting sentences which you picked up from the above mentioned sources. After all, when you learn something, you should implement it for further enhancement. That’s how conversation comes in handy! When you learn some advanced words, try using them in your day to day conversation so that you capture that particular phrase or word in your head for next use. However, make sure you don’t use heavy oxford dictionary words during regular conversations. After all, you don’t want your friends wondering the meaning of your emotions and expressions! 😉

Hold That Pen!

Another way is to hold the pen and write as much as you can think of and resolving to incorporate as many advanced words in your write up as possible! This helps develop your vocabulary.

Make A Note Of Certain Interesting Facts!

Try noting down certain mind boggling and humorous facts which you could use for your content. When you incorporate fun facts, your content becomes all the more engaging. Clutch an important topic and write an amazing fact on the basis of that!

Try Inventing Some Of Your Own Peculiar Phrases And Quotes!

That works! That really does work! Readers consider it interesting to read something new that you come up with. You could frame your own acronyms, come up with creative illustrations by dragging your mundane daily life elements or using natural aspects. For instance, helping caterpillars bloom into a butterfly meaning helping novices become experts 😉

These are some of the ways to effective English learning. All that matters is how well you Capture the Prey at the end while remembering that it comes from within and requires utmost imagination.

After you have gained expertise and strong hold on the reigns of vocabulary, remember to use your talent in copywriting. Don’t know what that is? Well, let me introduce you to it. Copywriting is content intending to make sales. It is solely used for marketing wherein you provide ample information regarding your services or products thereby compelling people to buy your facilities through the incorporation of various calls to action!

Call to action includes involvement of various links for customers to be redirected to the “buying” page. It also comprises of boosting content at the end that usually starts with a verb like, Try our products now and you won’t regret. You introduce discounts for your customers and create a sense of urgency by involving limited time periods for a specific offer or purchase of goods. You provide incentives to customers thereby getting them acquainted with the benefits of the product or service. You try creating convenient situations for them by providing money back guarantees. In short, customer satisfaction and well – being becomes your goal because marketing is all about understanding the pain points and desires of the mob.

Content is thus, the basis of digital marketing and to master copywriting, one needs to work on the creativity aspect of this interesting English language. Basic English vocabulary gives birth to intermediate expertise in it which in turn opens the doors to creativity and later helps you climb the advanced ladder of English language wherein you hop into copywriting.

A copy mustn’t ever include incorrect punctuations or grammar because that is enough to let your marketing efforts go down the drain!

Avoid redundancy or repetition of words. For instance, ‘We provide goods that are good enough for daily life.’ Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Improper punctuation or overuse of it like, “We, provide, high quality, goods, and services.” Enough to infuriate the reader, isn’t it? That’s exactly why, it is advisable to work on enhancement of English before resolving to move towards copywriting.

Thus, now you know why improvement of vocabulary was stressed upon in the earlier part of this article.

What if you already are an ardent English fan and copywriting isn’t at all a monotonous or tedious task for you? Set up your own website and get marketing.

Thank You For Reading!