Is the defeat in wtc acceptable? Questions arises over virat’s captaincy.

The final of the WTC(2019-2021) was played from 18 to 23 June 2021 at the Rose Bowl Southampton, England, between India and New Zealand. It was initially scheduled for five days, but time lost during the game to rain interruptions so there was a sixth day reserved for outcome of results. And as expected  the planned reserve day was used .New Zealand won the match by eight wickets to be crowned as the winners of the ICC World Test Championship                                           

After the defeat of the Indian team, the captain comes first on target . The news about the outraged  Indian fans , annoyed cricket expert and WhatsApp memes start circulating over the internet. The netizens and twitterati starts demanding that the captain should leave the capticancy. But the question arises that is it right time to take back his captaincy? Or if he is removed from the captaincy then do we have any good option for his replacement? But before making any conclusions , let’s have a look over virat’s captaincy record.

Virat has captained 61 test with a winning percentage of 59.01% , which includes 36 wins ,15 losses and 10draws . He is having second best winning percentage as a captain among all current playing captains. When talked about oneday cricked , virat has a win percentage of about 70% , which includes 65 wins. His win percentage in T20 cricket is 65.1% which includes 27 wins. It’s just unfortunate that virat has lost couple of icc trophies even with sach a fantastic record in mordern day cricket .

What’s the experts view?

“The decision of making and removing someone from captaincy cannot be taken emotionally. If someone asks to remove virat from captaincy then can we remove him on the basis of single match? When talked about the record, virat has won 36 matches . I personally feel that just because of loosing single match we should not overreact. There was our mistakes, batting mistake , team management mistake . If we actually talk about the captaincy debate then it is quite clear that it will happen in T20 cricket. But even it’s not right time to discuss over T20 cricket now because world cup commencing and if we continue these debate then cricket would be harmed the most. I feel that virat is captain and the world cup plan is designed with him . If the india looses the World cup then it’s sure that Rohit would be made captain of T20 format.” Said the cricketing expert Vikrant Gupta.

“Do we have any alternative for captaincy? Is there any better option for virat’s replacement? Is there anyone who can score runs consistently and can do captiancy like him in a pressure situation. I don’t think that it’s right time to remove him from his captiancy.” Said the indian sport journalist vijay Lokapally.

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