Youth And Competition.

Comparisons Among Siblings And The Effect It Has On Children

Cut throat competition and consumerism are the banes of the fast-paced modern life, born out of advancement in Science and Technology.

Everyone is busy and focused to secure a career and bright future for themselves. In this business, everyone seems to have forgotten the basic morality and ethics.

It must be kept in mind, if our means are wrong, our ends can never be right. Competition and consumerism can never bring anyone is seeking. The most valuable treasure in the world is Peace, Health and Happiness. They can be in hand only through righteousness. Competition and consumerism are antithesis peace, health and happiness.

So, the most ideal approach to live a great life should be doing one’s best without compromising with the morals and ethics. One must never do mean things, think mean thoughts and speak words of any type.

The outcome will always be grand if ones thoughts, words and acts are grand.

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